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Andorra-Capcir trek










The Andorra-Capcir trek follows over 5 days the ancient routes used to cross the Pyrenees.  You can experience unique encounters and be in good company in the staffed refuges and with good guidance you will find this the best way to be in touch with the natural environment that surrounds us.


During this trek you will discover: Pyrenean news in the Salamandres lake, the smugglers' routes leading to the Rulhe refuge, thermal springs in Mérens, high mountain lakes and the magnificent lake of Bouillouses! So as to avoid carrying too much weight, overnight accommodation is in the staffed refuges of Rulhe, Bésines, Bouillouses and in a country house in Mérens.



day 1: Ransol -Rhule refuge

day 2: Rhule refuge - Mérens les Vals

day 3: Mérens les Vals - Bésines refuge

day 4: Bésines refuge - Bouillouses lake refuge

day 5: Bouillouses lake refuge - Angoustrines